Up to 55dB acoustic

Partitions fitted up to 3600mm high

Double glazed and timber door integration

Fully demountable partition system

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Frameless Double Glazed Partitions

Looking for a stylish yet secure way of sectioning your indoor space? At Glass Interiors, we offer high-quality double glazed partitions to help our clients achieve the balance between privacy and communal inclusivity that many indoor spaces are striving for in the modern day.

While double glazed partitions are most popular in offices, they’re also suitable solutions for educational facilities, hotels, or gyms. Offering an increase in performance from single glazed partitions, our double glazed options are just as versatile for a range of settings.

The double glazed doors from Glass Interiors also have a higher level of sound insulation, but can still integrate seamlessly into our double glazed partitions for a smart appearance. Any workplace or commercial or public space can benefit from our professional double glazed partitioning.



Achieve a striking aesthetic with frameless glazed partitions

Clear glass is one of the most common materials for glazed partitions due to its ability to effectively separate spaces without compromising on natural light levels. While double glazing is thicker than single glazing, it still has a slim profile and allows swathes of light to spread throughout the space.

Our double glazed aluminium profile not only enables a near-flush fitting, but we can also customise the finish to any RAL colour, or a selection of brushed metal finishes – including SAA (satin anodised aluminium). This allows you to create the classic or contemporary style that fits your space the most.

With sealed joints forming practically invisible seams, you’re guaranteed clean lines for a striking appearance and calm atmosphere. Glazed partitions offer an unrivalled modern look, revitalising any setting with relatively little effort. When you invest in double glazed glass partitions from Glass Interiors, your indoor space will soon appear much larger, brighter, and more open than before.


Increase privacy with double glazing sound protection

Whether you need a confidential meeting room or a quiet working space, double glazing can keep private conversations inside and exterior noise out. From corporate offices to classrooms, double glazed partition walls or even movable freestanding glazed partitions can be incredibly helpful.

You have several double glazing thicknesses to choose from, including 3 thicknesses of toughened glass and 2 thicknesses of toughened laminated glass. If you’re specifically interested in acoustic insulation, we also offer 3 thicknesses of acoustic glass, offering sound protection up to 55 dB.

With glazed partitions ranging from 10mm thick to 17.5mm thick, you can easily customise your layers to achieve the level of insulation you’re looking for. Find out more about the exact double glazed partition specifications available by scrolling down the page, or consulting the brochure.


Stay safe with fire-rated double glazed partitions

Not only does double glazing offer extra sonic insulation, but it can also offer reinforced strength, especially if you choose a toughened laminated glass partition. With a standard line load of up to 1.5 kN, you can rest assured that your glass partitions will hold up in even the busiest of areas.

Should you require fire-rated glass partitions, we can also provide double glazed partitions with an EI30 fire rating. This means that the glass can contain flames, smoke, and heat for up to 30 minutes. If you need fire protection, be sure to choose our 15mm or 18mm thick Pyranova fire-rated glass.

When installing transparent double glazed partitioning and doors, UK Building Regulations require the application of frosted or coloured graphics to make the glass more apparent, preventing people from walking into it. At Glass Interiors, we’re happy to customise your double glazed partitions with the manifestations of your choice, complementing your interior design with company branding.


Contact us to discuss double glazed partitions

Just because glass partitions are extremely elegant doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. We can provide a cost-effective solution for any budget at Glass Interiors, allowing everyone to obtain the double glazed partitioning they deserve. The search for an innovative answer to discreetly dividing interior spaces stops here, because we can fulfil your needs for acoustic-rated double glazing.

Be sure to check the full specifications for the DG70 glass that we use below for more details about the options available. If you would like a FREE quote tailored to your requirements, or have an enquiry about our double glazed partitions, get in touch with the friendly team at Glass Interiors.

You can call us on 0203 793 5455 to speak to a member of our team over the phone. Alternatively, you can email us at info@glass-interiors.co.uk or fill out our online form for a swift response.



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    DG90 System Overview

    Height up to 3600mm High
    Fire Rating
    Screens – E30  / NFR
    Doors- E30 / NFR
    Upto 55dB (Rw) +/-3dB
    Up to 3kN Line Load (1100 High)
    Deflection Head
    +/- 25mm
    Door Options
    Single Glazed
    Alitek Acoustic
    Door Frame Options
    Fire Rated Glass
    15mm Pyranova 30
    18mm Pyranova 30
    Non Fire Rated Glass
    10mm Toughened
    12mm Toughened
    10.8mm Acoustic Laminate
    12.8mm Acoustic Laminate
    16.8mm Acoustic Laminate
    17.5mm Toughened Laminated
    Compatible With
    • Blinds
    • Manifestation
    • Graphics
    • Switch Glass
    • Loft Style Banded
    • Annodised SAA / Brushed
    • Polyester Powder Coat
    • Brushed Brass / Bronze

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