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Glass Partitions

The working world is continuously changing, with hybrid models of home and office working becoming the norm. A successful workspace, wherever it may be, requires flexibility whilst still providing privacy. This is where custom glass office partition systems have the chance to shine.

Whether it’s a safety glass wall for a residence, office, or commercial setting, we can accommodate your needs at Glass Interiors. We have more than 25 years of experience in the glass partition wall industry, working with countless clients across the UK to install a variety of bespoke glazing systems.

We pride ourselves on our innovative, high-quality products and our ability to tailor our services to each customer’s exact requirements. From single glazed and double glazed glass partitions to high-performance acoustic glass partitions and fire-rated glazing, our expert systems are second to none.

As leading suppliers and installers of toughened glass partitions in the UK, the Glass Interiors team works closely with every client to provide a fully bespoke service, from initial design to after-sales support. You can trust that you’re in safe hands when you choose our structural glazing solutions.


Bespoke glass partitions for offices and homes

If you want to effectively divide a room into smaller spaces without building opaque walls, then glass partitions are the way to go. Available in a range of heights, thicknesses, and finishes, these versatile office dividers are ideal for balancing the practicalities and employee needs of everyday working life.

Creating a strong barrier that reduces sound transmission without compromising light flow, glass office partitions are both functional and aesthetically attractive. They allow individuals or groups of different sizes to have a distraction-free environment without feeling isolated from everyone else.

Glass partitions are fantastic additions to any building, especially busy settings like modern offices. Not only do they help to maintain an open-plan feel without the drawbacks of a big and noisy room, but they’re also extremely customisable. You can easily achieve the perfect visual and practical style with our bespoke glazed partitions – we’re happy to assist with whatever design you’re looking for.

From frameless glass partitions to Crittall-style partitions, our contemporary range has something to suit every business or home office. We often work with architects and homeowners to create unique solutions for your space, even offering hardware in several RAL finishes to compliment every project perfectly. Be sure to scroll down to check out our extensive collection of glazed partitions.

Freestanding, frameless, fire-rated, and more

Whichever style of glass partition you’re looking for, we’re sure to have a suitable solution at Glass Interiors. Thanks to our full design and specification service, our single-glazed and double-glazed frameless glass partitions can easily be tailored to suit your practical needs and style preferences.

Our toughened glass partitions are available in sizes up to 3.6m high and from 10mm to 17.5mm thick, with acoustic and laminated options in various thicknesses. Our acoustic glass partitions offer sound insulation up to 44dB or 55dB, while glass partition doors reduce noise up to 28dB or 32dB.

Should you need slim-profile fire-rated glass partitions and/or fire-rated glass doors to comply with Building Regulations, we also supply these up to 3m high and either 15mm, 18mm, or 23mm thick. Our Ei30 or Ei60-rated glass partitions can also have the benefit of sound reduction up to 62dB.

When you’re looking for glass office partitions with more visual impact, you’ll find the perfect answer in our aluminium framed glass partitions. If standard slim aluminium or timber isn’t your style, our framed glass partitions with Astragal bars are sure to strike the right note in your space.

While most of our glass office partition systems are demountable for easy installation and removal, you might prefer something smaller and more versatile – like our freestanding glass partitions. At 10mm thick and up to 1.9m high, these freestanding glass screens come with 304 stainless steel posts that can be mechanically secured at the base if you would prefer to avoid unwanted movement.

Take a look at our selection of high-quality glass partition systems below and click through for more information on the specifications of each type of product. From there, you can get in touch with our team to place your order.

Contact us to order custom glass partitions

The team of specialists at Glass Interiors are able to work with all types of clients and facilities to manufacture and install the ideal glazed partitioning system for every situation. With so many style and size options to choose from, we’re sure that we can offer exactly what you’re searching for.

From the design and quote stage to production and installation, we can gladly assist with all aspects of the process. So, if you have any questions about any stage of our services, be sure to contact us. Give us a call on 02037 935 455, or email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Alternatively, to receive a fast FREE quote on a bespoke glass partitioning system or any product available on our website, simply fill out our online form with your project details. We’re available to answer queries and assist with orders six days a week, so don’t hesitate to contact Glass Interiors.

Glass Partition FAQs

When you want to separate areas within a larger space without closing them off entirely, glass partitions are the ideal slimline solution. They establish an upmarket modern appearance while maintaining a bright and open appeal.

Here are just some of the benefits of installing glass partitions:

  • Improved light flow

Glass walls allow light to filter throughout the space, maximising natural light. Higher levels of diffused lighting will create a more appealing place to work or live in.

  • Noise reduction

Need to keep private conversations strictly within meeting rooms? Glass office partitions are ideal for sound insulation and reducing distractions for greater productivity.

  • Versatile options

There are many types of glass partitions that can be used in a wide variety of settings. Free-standing glass screens also have the benefit of being moveable at any time.

  • Bespoke designs

Frosted and/or coloured graphics (called manifestations) can be added to glass panels to complement your interior design scheme or represent your corporate branding.

  • Fast and affordable

It takes much less money, time, and effort to fit a glass partition wall than building a traditional wall. This minimises disruption as well as refurbishment costs.

In the end, glass partitions simply look more stylish than solid walls or outdated solid partition screens. Glass partition walls are always an excellent investment for creating more collaborative spaces with more light and less noise.

The primary purpose of a glass partition wall is to delineate a space without sacrificing light levels or sight-lines, saving on floor space and construction. However, there are many different situations where glass panels can be used, from offices and schools to the contemporary home.

Here are some examples of where to use glass partitions in a commercial setting or public building:

  • Framing and extending glass doors and entranceways to enhance their appearance
  • Creating distinct work cubicles or ‘pods’ without closing them off entirely
  • Using frosted patterns or coloured graphics as a unique design feature
  • Sealing off sound-proofed meeting rooms while still being part of an open-plan layout
  • Separating a reception office and/or waiting area from the rest of an indoor space

Glass walls and doors are also becoming more popular in modern home decor. The range of creative residential uses include:

  • Screening the toilet or shower from the rest of the bathroom
  • Forming a 'sound and smell' barrier between kitchens and living rooms
  • Separating a dining area from the cooking area in a kitchen
  • Creating a home office within a bedroom, living area, or kitchen
  • Dividing a shared bedroom to give roommates more privacy

The options are limitless – a glass partition can completely transform a space with very little effort. For more ideas on how and where you can use glass partitions, check out the Glass Interiors blog on this very topic.

At Glass Interiors, we offer several types of glass partitions to suit a range of customer requirements. We provide a choice of glazing, framing, configurations, and manifestations, with pivot or sliding glass doors also available. The final design always depends on your preferences.

You may want frameless glass for the ultimate seamless look, or glass partitions with aluminium framing for a stylish industrial effect. Maybe you’d benefit from a moveable glass partition for easy adjustment instead of a fixed wall. Whatever you need, Glass Interiors can provide the solution.

Our straightforward single-glazed glass partitions are the perfect option for most settings, with sound protection up to 44 decibels. If your partitioned space requires a higher acoustic performance, our double-glazed glass partitions can provide sound reduction up to 55 decibels.

For areas requiring more safety, we also supply fire-rated glass partitions and doors. We explain a bit more about fire-resistant glass over here.

Glass Interiors offers a full design and specification service for every type of glass partition to help you achieve the ideal appearance and effectiveness for your space, whatever the purpose may be. Browse our website and the Glass Interiors blog today to find more information on the different types of glass partitions we can provide.

The majority of the systems we provide at Glass Interiors are demountable, meaning it is relatively easy to uninstall and relocate them. However, if you want a fully moveable glass partition that can be relocated quickly, we recommend looking into our freestanding glass screens.

A freestanding glass screen is typically made using 10mm toughened glass up to 1,900mm high, fitted with clamps between welded steel posts and sitting on a 5mm steel base. Hinged gates can be fixed to the posts, and the steel can be powder coated if you prefer.

The flexible nature of this design allows you to adjust your layout as often as you like without too much hassle. Use a single divider or connect them in a row to create versatile room dividers; leave them freestanding or fix them mechanically at the base for extra safety; the choice is yours.

In addition to the option of glass or acrylic for the screen material and stainless steel or powder coated steel for the frame, you can also opt for coloured or frosted graphics to decorate the moveable screens with designs that complement their surroundings.

While glass partitions aren’t 100% soundproof, they do significantly reduce the transfer of noise from one side to the other. The level of acoustic insulation depends on the type and thickness of the glazing and how it’s sealed. Obviously, a free-standing glass screen wouldn’t prevent sounds from travelling around it, whereas full-height glass walls with no gaps around the edges would be able to restrict sound movement.

Here at Glass Interiors, we offer single glazed partitions with acoustic protection up to 44dB, and double glazed partitions with noise reduction up to 55dB. We also offer several types of glass doors providing sound reduction from 32dB to 57dB. As an example, ambient background noise such as light traffic, appliances running, and quiet music or conversation comes in at around 40dB to 60dB.

This means that our glass office partitions are an optimal solution for keeping noise to a minimum in the average working environment. There’ll still be a comfortable level of background noise, so the office won’t be awkwardly silent, but conversations will be more private and less distracting for others.

Combining see-through glass with sound reduction creates a healthy working environment, and is likely to help with team collaboration and productivity. Bet you didn't know that glass office partitions can actually improve employee health!

Depending on the type of glass partitioning system you choose, you may require glass doors for access to partitioned areas. We offer several kinds of glazed doors, including double-glazed and fire-rated glass, available in a variety of configurations.

This could be a single door or double door set, frameless or with an aluminium profile frame, and with side or top panels as needed to fill the space. You’ll also have a choice of ironmongery and its finish, plus the type of opening and closing mechanism the door uses.

For example, we can provide free swinging or hydraulic hinges, floor spring or soft-close functions, and top or bottom track sliding glass doors. These are especially suitable for offices with limited space, where a swinging glass door would be impractical. We can also fit latches or locks as required.

Our stunning frameless glass doors are a popular choice for modern offices, while our fire-rated and acoustic-rated glass doors offer enhanced privacy and safety for important areas. The former offer noise reduction up to 28-38dB, while the latter can achieve sound reduction up to 42-57dB.

We offer a range of glazed door systems at Glass Interiors, available in 10mm–12mm toughened glass as standard, in dimensions of up to 3,600mm high and 1,200mm wide. These can be manufactured as single doors or double leaf doors, with overpanels as needed.

Should you prefer the frameless look but still need a door, our D25 Clarity Frameless Door can maintain the seamless style, with hydraulic patch or hinge types for adjustable closing speeds and self-close functions, plus pull handles or lever latches.

When it comes to more traditional framed systems, our D25 Clarity Framed Door fits right into the slim aluminium frame, with floor spring, hydraulic hinge, or offset patch opening and closing types. The D25 LOFT Clarity Door offers a more stylised framed option, with free swing or hydraulic hinges.

If you need a space-saving sliding door for your glass partition system, then our D25 Slide Clarity Door provides just the solution. These can be integrated with frameless systems, either ceiling-hung or wall-hung to avoid the need for an obtrusive base track.

Check out our pivot and sliding door options for more details – or look into our TG100 system for fire-rated glass doors, or our D90 and SD50 acoustic doors for sound insulation (including an acoustic rated sliding door option).

According to Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and the Building Regulations Approved Document K, any full-height glass wall or partition must be marked to make it very visible. Installing clear glass partitions without obvious handles, frames, or fittings can result in people unknowingly walking into the panel and potentially injuring themselves.

This is why certain glass doors and walls are legally required to have ‘manifestations’ – some kind of film, stickers, frosting, or screen-printed pattern that makes the glass immediately apparent. Not every window, door, or partition needs them, but ‘critical locations’ such as large and wide panels that aren’t otherwise demarcated should have manifestations to comply with health and safety laws.

While the manifestations need to be placed at particular heights to make them more noticeable, there are no strict rules for what they can be. This gives you a lot of creative freedom to turn your glazed office partitions into a unique decorative feature. Whether you want an elaborate etching, a basic motif, or your company logo, it’s an opportunity to truly customise your glass office partitions.

The type of glazing you need depends on how you will use the space, as double glazing is known to be stronger and thicker than single glazing, offering greater insulation properties. Both are available in standard toughened, acoustic laminated, or toughened laminated glass types.

Our single-glazed glass partition systems can be framed or frameless, with the S525 system available in 10mm–13.5mm thicknesses up to 3,200mm high, and the SG30 system offering toughened laminated glass up to 17.5mm thick and up to 3,600mm high.

Our double-glazed glass partition systems are also available framed or frameless, in 10mm–17.5mm thicknesses up to 3,600mm tall, but with more acoustic laminate options. The DG70 system offers acoustic protection up to 45dB, while the TG90 system goes up to 55dB.

Single glazing can achieve sound insulation up to 44dB with thicker glass types, so if soundproofing is a priority for your space, then double glazing could be the better choice.

The minimum thickness of toughened glass that can be used safely in glass partitions, including screens and walls, is 10mm. Here at Glass Interiors, we provide partitions and walls in a range of thicknesses, depending on the glass partition system you choose.

Free-standing glass screens are only available in 10mm toughened glass. However, our single glazed and double glazed systems are available in standard toughened glass at 10mm or 12mm thick, or toughened laminated glass at 13.5mm or 17.5mm thick.

For noise reduction, these systems – plus our LOFT framed glass partitions – are also available with acoustic laminated glass at thicknesses of 10.8mm, 12.8mm, or 16.8mm. This type and thickness can reduce sound transmission by 44dB55dB.

We also provide fire-rated glass partitions using PYRANOVA® 30 in thicknesses of 15mm or 18mm, offering integrity and insulation for 30 minutes. PYRANOVA® 60 is also available at 23mm thick, which offers integrity and insulation for 60 minutes.

The thickness you need depends on where you will be installing the glass and whether you want extra features such as sound insulation or fire protection.

The viable size of a glass partition panel depends on where and how it will be installed – for example, whether it will be set within an aluminium framing system or frameless, if it will incorporate a door, if it needs to provide sound reduction or fire integrity properties, etc.

At Glass Interiors, our SG25 single glazed partitions can be installed up to 3,200mm (3.2m) high, while the SG30 system is available up to 3,600mm (3.6m) high. Both the DG70 and TG90 double glazed partitions are available in heights up to 3,600mm (3.6mm).

Meanwhile, the LOFT aluminium framed system can include panels up to 3000mm (3m) high, as can systems using fire-rated glass. If you want free-standing glass partitions for easy movement, these are only available in heights up to 1900mm (1.9m).

However, our single glazed systems are fully demountable, so they can be relocated relatively easily, while being available in larger sizes than free-standing screens.

The size of the glass partition panels also informs the thickness, as the larger the panel, the thicker it should be to ensure it’s strong enough to withstand impacts.

No, not all glass partitions need to be fireproof. This is only a legal requirement in particular locations within certain types of buildings – the minimum requirements for health and safety standards are set out in the Fire Safety Building Regulations.

If you do need fire-rated glass partitions to comply with safety regulations, or would prefer for your glass walls and doors to provide fire protection for your own peace of mind, you can find several options to choose from here at Glass Interiors.

Fire ratings are presented in letters and numbers, with E standing for its integrity against flames and smoke, and I representing its insulation level to prevent heat transfer. These are measured in minutes, with 30 minutes being the minimum legal rating for fire safety.

Our fire-rated glass partitions use PYRANOVA® 30 and PYRANOVA® 60 glass, which have EI30 and EI60 ratings respectively. These are available for free-standing screens and doors as well as standard glass partition systems.

However, in some cases, such as double glazed partitions, only an integrity (E) rating is available, so these may not meet your needs if you require fire-rated glass with an insulation (I) rating as well.



Single glazed partitions are the perfect, stylish alternative to drywalls in any space, creating a very inclusive environment whilst still offering privacy for phone calls and meetings. This makes our single glazed office partitions the perfect option for those looking to transform a space, creating a more inspiring and contemporary environment to work in. Read More >>

single glass partitions


Using double-glazed partitions in an office space offers exceptional acoustic performance for individual offices and meeting spaces with sound reduction of up to 55dB. Our double glazed aluminium profile offers a near flush glazed finish which can be made to any RAL colour scheme, SAA or brushed metal finish. Our Sonic double glazed doors integrate seamlessly into our double glazed partition system and can provide up to 44dB acoustic performance. Read More >>

Double Glass Partitions


LOFT offers a modern industrial effect to our glass partition range of products. Each installation is bespoke and precision fabricated using slim profile aluminium sections. Clients can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes. We can integrate pivot or sliding glass door options using our innovative halo frame section. A versatile system suitable for residential and commercial environments. Read More >>

Loft Partitions


The DFR EI30 and EI60 glazed partition system has been meticulously developed in the UK, leading the way in seamless fire rated glazing systems. With just a 30mm deep profile, the DFR is the slimmest partition system on the market, allowing non-fire rated glass partition systems to integrate seemlessly with the aesthetic. Read More >>

Fire Rated Glass Partitions


Our door systems range from single glazed frameless doors to double glazed Sonic doors offering up to 44dB acoustic rating. All our door sets can be designed to offer a number of configurations including single and double door sets, glass overpanels, side screens and fire rated options. We hold a large range of ironmongery to suit a variety of design requirements. Read More >>

Pivot and Sliding Doors


Our freestanding glass screens allow for a division of space that’s as flexible as your business, bringing with it a clean and contemporary feel. Our freestanding glass systems can be finished or styled to complement the existing design of your office or work space. Read More >>

Free Standing Glass Screens

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