Glass Balustrades

Balustrades are an essential safety feature in both commercial and residential premises. They create internal and external barriers to separate different levels and areas within or around a property. It’s a common use of structural glazing to provide protection against trips and falls.

With a range of designs available to choose from, style can be just as much of an important element as practicality. Toughened glass balustrades are a popular choice due to their transparency, as they comply with health and safety regulations without disrupting the surrounding views.

Whether you’d prefer a seamless finish with a frameless glass balustrade or want to make a visual statement with steel frames and manifestations, you can choose whichever glass balustrade design you like from the selection that we offer at Glass Interiors. They don’t just serve as safety railings for raised decks, balconies, or mezzanine floors – they can also guide people moving through a building.


Safe and Stylish Glass Balustrades

At Glass Interiors, we offer a wide range of bespoke glass balustrade designs, as well as the finest standards of structural glazing installation. Our comprehensive service includes a variety of fixing options, from stainless steel posts to frameless channel systems providing a clear vista.

All of our made-to-measure glass balustrades comply with building regulations, so you can rest assured that they meet the highest safety standards. The strength and durability of the glass is always a priority, so we thoroughly test our glass products to ensure their suitability.

Fragile glass that smashes easily can have disastrous consequences, which is why we take the safety of our toughened glass very seriously. The Sentry glass balustrade systems we supply can handle line loads from 0.74kN to 3kN, standing strong when situated at any height.

When it comes to aesthetics, we can help you to achieve any specific look you might have in mind for your balustrade design. Our glass balustrades are available with clear, frosted, or coloured panels, plus stainless steel or timber handrails in a selection of finishes.

Contact Glass Interiors for Custom Glass Balustrades

Would you like to implement frameless glass balustrades in your space? Maybe you want glass safety balustrades with steel handrails? Or perhaps you’d just like to find out more about our products and services before you commit to ordering from us?

Whatever the case may be, our friendly team of experts have many years of experience in the glazing industry. We’ll be glad to answer any questions and work with you to create your ideal glass balustrade. We can advise on the best products for your project specifications.

All you have to do is get in touch. To contact the Glass Interiors team, you can call us on 0203 793 5455 or drop us an email at You can also complete our online form and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

View our Glass Balustrade FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information.


Sentry Steel

Sentry Steel Glass Balustrade systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We can help design, fabricate and install systems in accordance with British Standards. Systems incorporate 42mm and 48mm round post systems and 40mm square post. We can offer a range of handrail designs in different material finishes and profile options, including timber handrails.
Line Load
Up to 1.5kN
Glass Type
10mm Toughened
12mm Toughened
13.5mm Toughened Laminated
316 Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel
Powder Coated

Sentry Frameless

Sentry Frameless Balustrades are suitable for indoor and out door use, suitable for domestic and commercial applications. The system provides up to 3kN Line Loads. Handrails can be used or systems can be left frameless, leaving a high polished glass edge. We offer a full design and install service to incorporate even the most complex requirements.

Line Load
Up to 3.0kN
Glass Type
15mm Toughened
17.5mm Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Toughened Laminated
Powder Coated

Sentry Point Fix

Sentry Point Balustrades are fixed using a 50mm diameter 316 stainless steel adjustable point fix system. The system offers a versatile design option allowing the fixings to be completely concealed to give a true frameless glass barrier. The system is tested to a sheer capacity of 23.74kN. We can offer a range of handrail designs in different material finishes and profile options, including timber handrails.
Line Load
Up to 1.5kN
Glass Type
15mm Toughened
17.5mm Toughened Laminated
21.5mm Toughened Laminated
316 Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel
Powder Coated

Glass Balustrade FAQs

Glass might seem too fragile for balustrades, but toughened glass is extremely strong, and tested according to building safety regulations to make sure it can bear a reasonable load. Whether you lean on an outdoor balustrade to take in the view, or accidentally trip or drop something on a glass balustrade, it’s designed not to break that easily.

Structural toughened glass is very durable and usually fitted flush to the floor and end walls, with minimal gaps to prevent anything from getting trapped or falling through. This is especially important for balustrades beside greater heights, such as long staircases or balconies. Glass balustrades are safe for children, as there’s nothing to grab and climb on – and no need to anyway, since they’ll have a clear view through to the other side.

Assorted balustrades from Glass Interiors can bear line loads from 0.74kN up to 3kN, come in a range of thickness options from 10mm to 21.5mm, and are also available as laminated glass balustrades. Our expert fitters always install our glass balustrades to the highest standards in line with British safety laws.

Glass balustrades are suitable for a variety of environments and can make a stunning contemporary addition to any residential, public, or commercial space. By installing glass balustrades from Glass Interiors, you could benefit from:

  • The illusion of more space – Installing barriers for safety doesn’t have to mean restricting views or cutting areas off, especially if you opt for frameless glass balustrades.
  • Increased light – Glass allows both natural and artificial light to shine through to enhance the atmosphere and create that spacious feel.
  • Strength and durability – Robust toughened glass and additional stainless steel elements are much more resilient than wood and can withstand all manner of environmental conditions.
  • Guaranteed quality – All glass balustrades and fittings are manufactured to the highest standard to achieve a superior finish every time.
  • Versatile design – Fully framed, partially framed, frameless, with or without railings, with added frosting or coloured patterns… the choices are endless.
  • Appealing aesthetics – The clean lines of our well-fitted glass balustrades create a sleek modern appearance and can complement a variety of interior design styles.
  • Less maintenance – Resistance to scratching and corrosion limits the possibility of future repairs, and a quick wipe-down and occasional polish is all you need to keep your balustrades looking brand new.

Just imagine how incredible your space could look with so little effort when we put in the design and installation work for you.

Balustrades have plenty of indoor and outdoor applications, whether in a residential home, a public building, or commercial space. Here are some of the most popular uses for glass balustrades:

  • Stairways
  • Landings
  • Mezzanines
  • Walkways
  • Bridges
  • Balconies
  • Juliet balconies
  • Terraces
  • Patios
  • Decking
  • Rooftops
  • Swimming pools

Balustrades are a requirement where there’s a significant change in floor levels to comply with safety regulations. However, they can still be used in any area without a change in levels simply to section off the space for a particular use, such as a dining area, garden, or waiting area.

Glass Interiors provides high-quality balustrade systems for a variety of functions, never compromising on safety or appearance. Get in touch today to learn more about how our glass balustrades can help you to provide protective barriers and smoothly define boundaries with minimal disruption to the space.

Glass balustrades don’t always need a handrail if they’re made of laminated glass. This is because a secondary barrier needs to be in place if the glass panel should break – where this would usually be the handrail, the second layer of the laminated glass should stay intact even if the first cracks.

You can look up Section 8.5.2 of BS6180:2011 to consult the UK Building Regulations for handrails, or check with your local building control office. While we would recommend handrails for stair balustrades to make them more accessible, it really comes down to personal design preferences.

Even true frameless glass balustrades are capable of withstanding up to 1.5kN of force from a person leaning on them. The glass panels will also have a highly polished edge for safety and style. If you need advice on choosing glass balustrade handrails, feel free to contact Glass Interiors.

The necessary height of a balustrade depends on where it’s installed. According to UK Building Regulations, balconies and most situations require a glass balustrade height of at least 1100mm from the floor. Stairs, ramps, and landings require a balustrade at least 900mm high. Balustrades around a seating area must be at least 800mm high (when up to 530mm away from fixed seating).

This height is from the finished floor level to the top of the handrail or frameless panel, not including recessed channel systems. Glass partitions that aren’t balustrades can be any height. Ideally, each glass panel in a balustrade shouldn’t be more than 1m to 1.2m wide, to allow for adequate testing. If there are gaps between the panels, we recommend these to be no more than 10mm wide.

When it comes to glass balustrade thickness, the thinnest toughened glass is 10mm thick. This is usually only suitable when steel posts and handrails are also used. For frameless balustrades, the glass should be at least 15mm thick. The required thickness generally depends on the fall height (more or less than 600mm) and the presence or absence of a handrail. At Glass Interiors, we offer toughened glass in 10, 12, and 15mm, plus laminated glass in 13.5, 17.5, and 21.5mm thicknesses.

With hygienic glass that’s easy to wipe clean, glass balustrades are relatively low-maintenance. While glass should be cleaned regularly, wiping away marks when they appear and thoroughly cleaning and polishing once a week, it requires less long-term care than a wooden balustrade.

That said, if you opt for timber handrails, these will need regular upkeep with wood treatments such as stains and polishes in addition to standard cleaning. Stainless steel handrails should be wiped down regularly for sanitary reasons, but they’re highly resistant to corrosion and stains.

The downside of frameless glass balustrades is that people are more likely to touch the glass panels, meaning fingerprints and smudges will build up more quickly. However, wiping the panels down is fast and easy enough, so you can keep your glass balustrades in sparkling condition.

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