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Free Standing Glass Screens

Our freestanding glass screens allow for a division of space that’s as flexible as your business, bringing with it a clean and contemporary feel. Our freestanding glass systems can be finished or styled to complement the existing design of your office or work space. One of the main benefits of freestanding glass screens is their versatility, as they can be connected to create long runs of glass in larger spaces and used as glass room dividers. They can also be completely freestanding or mechanically fixed at the base if used in public areas with high traffic such as shopping centres airport lounges. Whatever style you choose, we are happy to design a glass divider that is entirely bespoke to suit your requirements.

    System Features

    • Frosted or coloured graphics can be applied to the glass or acrylic panel with full design service available.

    • Each glass screen we create is typically glazed with 10mm toughened glass or acrylic with glass clamps fixed through each panel.

    • The glass panel is then fixed in place between posts made of 304 stainless steel or powder coated steel, which sit on a 5mm thick steel base.

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