Up to 55dB Acoustic

Partitions Fitted Up To 3600mm High

Double glazed and timber door integration

Fully demountable partition system

Full design & specification service available


Frameless Double Glazed Partitions

Using double-glazed partitions in an office space offers exceptional acoustic performance for individual offices and meeting spaces with sound reduction of up to 55dB. Our double glazed aluminium profile offers a near flush glazed finish which can be made to any RAL colour scheme, SAA or brushed metal finish. Our Sonic double glazed doors integrate seamlessly into our double glazed partition system and can provide up to 55dB acoustic performance.


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DG90 System Overview

Height up to 3600mm High
Fire Rating
Screens – E30  / NFR
Doors- E30 / NFR
Upto 55dB (Rw) +/-3dB
Upto 3kN Line Load (1100 High)
Deflection Head
+/- 25mm
Door Options
Single Glazed
Alitek Acoustic
Door Frame Options
Fire Rated Glass
15mm Pyranova 30
18mm Pyranova 30
Non Fire Rated Glass
10mm Toughened
12mm Toughened
10.8mm Acoustic Laminate
12.8mm Acoustic Laminate
16.8mm Acoustic Laminate
17.5mm Toughened Laminated
Compatible With
  • Blinds
  • Manifestation
  • Graphics
  • Switch Glass
  • Loft Style Banded
  • Annodised SAA / Brushed
  • Polyester Powder Coat
  • Brushed Brass / Bronze

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