Up to 55dB Acoustic

Partitions Fitted Up To 3600mm High

Double glazed and timber door integration

Fully demountable partition system

Full design & specification service available


Frameless Double Glazed Partitions

Looking for a stylish yet secure way of sectioning your indoor space? You’ve come to the right place at Glass Interiors. We offer top of the range double glazed partitions to customers that need privacy in an indoor space but still want to promote the sense of inclusivity that most communal spaces are striving for in the modern day.

We often find that double glazed partitions are most popular in office spaces, but can be used in educational facilities or indoor gyms or hotels. Such is the versatility and success of glass partitions in most settings, we’re glad to provide the very best on the market here at Glass Interiors. The Sonic double glazed doors we offer integrate seamlessly into our double glazed partitions, providing up to 55db acoustic performance.


Providing privacy when needed

One of the main reasons why people opt for double glazed partitions in particular is due to their added security. This makes them ideal for individual offices and meeting spaces in which privacy is paramount. With sound reduction of up to 55db with our partitions, you can be assured that all sound inside this glass will be kept quiet and confidential, as well as providing a calm space for those on the other side of the glass so they can focus when working.

A seamless look

Glass is a common material for partitions due to the aesthetic it provides for an indoor space. It means you can effectively separate working areas without missing out on swathes of natural light to make your indoor facilities an open and dynamic place to be. It will make the area appear much larger and more spacious than it actually is, revitalising any setting and creating a fresh look  that will easily last for many years without growing tiresome.

Our double glazed aluminium profile offers a near flush glazed finish which can be made to any RAL colour scheme, SAA or brushed metal finish.

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Be sure to check out below to find the specification for the DG70 glass we use here at Glass Interiors for more information on the product. You can also view our corporate brochure for more on our business as a whole.

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    DG90 System Overview

    Height up to 3600mm High
    Fire Rating
    Screens – E30  / NFR
    Doors- E30 / NFR
    Upto 55dB (Rw) +/-3dB
    Upto 3kN Line Load (1100 High)
    Deflection Head
    +/- 25mm
    Door Options
    Single Glazed
    Alitek Acoustic
    Door Frame Options
    Fire Rated Glass
    15mm Pyranova 30
    18mm Pyranova 30
    Non Fire Rated Glass
    10mm Toughened
    12mm Toughened
    10.8mm Acoustic Laminate
    12.8mm Acoustic Laminate
    16.8mm Acoustic Laminate
    17.5mm Toughened Laminated
    Compatible With
    • Blinds
    • Manifestation
    • Graphics
    • Switch Glass
    • Loft Style Banded
    • Annodised SAA / Brushed
    • Polyester Powder Coat
    • Brushed Brass / Bronze

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