What types of glass office partitions are there?

Thinking about installing glass partitions in the office? Making the decision to invest in glass office partitions is the easiest part, since they have so many benefits. The hard part is deciding which type of glass partition is the best fit for your office.

There are many glass office partition systems for you to choose from, with varieties of glazing and framing and different configurations available. Your design must meet all of the requirements for your office, from employee needs to fire safety.

At Glass Interiors, we’re experts in office glazing systems, so you can trust that we know what we’re talking about. In this blog, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the selection of glass office partitions we provide, which are some of the best available on the market.


Single-glazed frameless glass office partitions

Sometimes simple and strong is all you need for a cost-effective office partition solution – and single-glazed frameless glass fits the bill. These toughened glass partitions can be up to 3.6m high and are easily demountable, should you need to rearrange your office layout in the future.

Single-glazed glass office partitions can divide spaces without excluding occupants or creating dark enclosures, maintaining a sense of open collaboration to inspire teamwork. They also come with an acoustic rating of up to 44 decibels, ensuring privacy for important conversations.


Double-glazed frameless glass office partitions

If you’d prefer to increase sonic protection without sacrificing the inclusivity that transparent glass allows in communal spaces, consider double glazing. It offers a higher acoustic rating of up to 55 decibels – perfect for private and confidential meetings.

Either frameless or with a near-flush aluminium profile, double-glazed glass office partitions can also provide greater thermal protection, so you can cut down the costs of heating your office. Increased noise reduction also ensures a calm environment.


Aluminium-framed glass office partitions

Some contemporary companies prefer a modern industrial look, as stylish aluminium framing can make a stronger design statement than barely-there frameless glass. We use versatile and slim-profile LOFT glazing systems, available up to 3m high.

These aluminium-framed glass partitions are fully integrable with pivot or sliding glass doors. They also have a 40-decibel acoustic rating and E30 fire rating. Demountable glass partitions featuring bespoke configurations of astragal bars – what’s not to like about that in a contemporary office?


Fire-rated glass office partitions

Not all glass walls and doors need to be fire-rated by law, but certain areas that would be likely escape routes in the event of an emergency should feature fire-rated glass. The building regulations in your region will tell you where you legally have to install fire-resistant glass partitions and/or doors.

Fire-rated glass office partitions are rated on their integrity, measured in how many minutes the glass can hold back flames and smoke, and also insulation, measured in how many minutes it can prevent heat transfer. This type of glass can also offer acoustic protection up to 62 decibels.


Free-standing glass office partitions

If your business requires more flexibility due to an ever-changing floor plan, the most convenient solution is free-standing glass office screens. You can use them as room dividers or connect them to form longer runs in larger spaces. They can feature 10mm thick toughened glass or acrylic up to 1.9m high.

If safety is a concern, we can mechanically fix the free-standing partition in place, so that it cannot be moved until you want it to be. The glass panel sits between steel posts and a steel base, with a finish of your choice, including frosted glass or printed graphics representing your business.


Order custom office partitions from Glass Interiors

Whichever glass office partition system you choose, we can also integrate pivot glass doors and sliding glass doors as required. All glass panels are capable of full customisation from a selection of great finishes and materials. This includes the application of bespoke manifestations – a perfect opportunity to show off your branding!

At Glass Interiors, we rigorously test our glass partitions to ensure the utmost safety, and offer a complete specification and design service to help you create the perfect custom partitions for your office. Simply get in touch by calling 0203 7935455, or send an email to info@glass-interiors.co.uk, and our glass experts will be happy to assist you.