How to optimise your office space with glass partitions

How to optimise your office space with glass partitions Digitalisation has changed the way businesses and people work around the world, forcing outdated offices to adjust to new working environments. With dozens of employees expected to share the same floor space as digital start-up companies grow, open-plan offices can quickly become congested. This can affect

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How do insulated glass partitions work?

How do insulated glass partitions work? Transparent glass is frequently used throughout architecture and interior design, thanks to its unique combination of practical and aesthetic qualities – but there are different types of glass that are more suitable for different uses. The type and thickness of the glass you should use depends on where it

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Guide to Fire-Rated Glass Partitions

Guide to Fire-Rated Glass Partitions Glass is a versatile material when used structurally, combining aesthetic appeal with strength and function. However, sometimes standard toughened glass isn’t quite enough to guarantee safety under challenging conditions, such as a fire. For glass to be able to resist flames and maintain safety for longer than regular tempered glass

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Debunking 5 myths about glass walls

Debunking 5 myths about glass walls In the world of contemporary office design, glass partitions have long been a popular choice for their ideal balance of aesthetic appeal and functional performance. They have emerged as a winning alternative in modern home design, too. Despite the numerous advantages of glass partitions, including a range of health

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Are glass partitions sustainable?

Are glass partitions sustainable? With climate awareness and living costs seeming to be at an all-time high these days, sustainable practices are becoming ever more important in the modern world. The construction industry is a significant source of carbon emissions, making it essential to use environmentally friendly materials and techniques as much as possible when

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Framed vs Frameless Glass Partitions

Framed vs Frameless Glass Partitions While the open plan office remains a popular layout for contemporary workspaces, there are many different partitioning options to help divide these open spaces when smaller and more private areas are necessary. There are many factors to consider when choosing the most suitable partitioning type and design, from aesthetics and

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Open-plan offices vs closed offices – which is better?

Open-plan offices vs closed offices – which is better? When designers, architects, and contractors work together to set up a new office for a client, one of the biggest choices everyone must agree on is whether to go with an open-plan or closed layout. The debate on which office layout is better carried on for

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What does EI60 mean?

What does EI60 mean? We all know how important fire safety is in construction, but do you know the difference between fire ratings for safety glass? While other significant elements of the building should be able to resist and compartmentalise fires, such as insulation materials in ceilings and wall panels, fire-rated glass can also help

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Where can you install glass partitions?

Where can you use glass partitions? There are countless uses for glass partitions, from structural glazing and glass balustrades to frameless glass doors and free-standing glass screens. With so many ways to incorporate glass as both a practical and aesthetic element of building design, you may not know where to look for ideas. If you’re

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Why choose frosted glass office partitions?

What are the benefits of frosted glass partitions? As you’ll know from browsing our website, there are many types of office partitions on the market. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which is the most suitable for your office. While clear glass is the standard, often with manifestations of some

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