Are industrial-style glass partitions still trendy?

No matter which sector your business is part of, having a practical and stylish office design is incredibly important. Your office is the central hub for your organisation – the visual impression matters most for visitors, while its functionality has the most impact on your employees.

One of the most popular solutions for separating open-plan spaces without sacrificing their collaborative nature is glass office partitions. It’s easy to divide noisier co-working and break areas from quiet workspaces and private offices or meeting rooms with glass partitions for offices.

If you’ve decided on glass partitions to restructure your office without major construction work, you’ll still need to settle on a design. Frameless clear glass with custom manifestations is a common choice, but for something truly striking, why not go for industrial-style glass office partitions?

Simple yet extremely effective, this type of banded glass partitioning is sure to boost your company’s style points. As fans of industrial framed glass partitions, we’re here to explain more about this timeless trend, and why you should choose this style for your office or interior space.


What is an industrial-style glass office partition?

When you hear people talk about ‘industrial style’ glass walls, windows, or doors, it’s usually in reference to glazing framed with a slim black profile. Glass panels are surrounded by metal framing to create a window effect. It’s a surprisingly versatile and durable style, which has been around in some form or another for more than 100 years. There’s been a resurgence in the popularity of this design in recent decades.

Harkening back to the post-industrial revolution days, modern black framed glass partitions mimic the popular Crittall steel-framed windows that were first manufactured in the late 1800s. This style experienced an international boom during the Art Deco and Modernist movements in the 1900s.

Today’s industrial glass panels aim to recapture the vintage aesthetic and edginess of these time periods, while bringing them into the modern day. They’re often combined with exposed brickwork and original timber floors, or budget-friendly imitations of these, to create a raw and earnest look.

Think long-standing factories and warehouses renovated into contemporary apartments or offices – you’re likely to see the industrial style partition trend in offices around London’s arty Shoreditch area. The evenly-spaced banded glazing works well in many settings. It forms a symmetrical dark grid that can complement exposed pipes and bricks, or the clean lines of a more minimalist interior.

What are Crittall-style partitions?

You may also hear windows with grid-style dark frames referred to as Crittall style. This is because the unique design originates with the Crittall family of Essex. Francis Henry Crittall invented the style in the 1880s, and the family business continues to manufacture its distinguished products today.

Unless it’s manufactured by the Crittall business, a product cannot be referred to as a true Crittall window, door, or partition. However, there are plenty of Crittall-effect partitions on the market, which modernise the style using more affordable materials. Genuine Crittall glass can be very expensive. However, it’s easy enough to achieve a similar style for a lower price with aluminium instead of steel.

At Glass Interiors, we provide stunning LOFT partitions with the eye-catching black banded look as a cheaper alternative to Crittall. We promise sturdy structural integrity with every installation, and the benefit of modern technology is that metal frames can still be strong while being lightweight and thin. We can also powder-coat the aluminium in any colour you like, if classic black isn’t for you.


What are the benefits of industrial-style glass partitions for offices?

One of the biggest advantages of any type of glass office partition is that it’s a cost-effective alternative to major building work. Rather than knocking down or constructing walls, you can fit industrial-style glass walls while spending less money and time. Matching doors can integrate seamlessly into framed partitions, while frameless doors offer a contrasting look.

The visuals of industrial-style internal glass walls are the winning element, as they can invoke the high-end charisma of a New York loft or the charming spirit of East London, depending on how you style them. There are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your interior design. Whether you go for Scandi minimalism or full-on industrial architecture, it’s bound to have an impressive visual impact.

‘Industrial style’ doesn’t have to be tied to grim and stripped-back connotations all the time. The sought-after vintage aesthetic still allows natural light to flood through the glass panels and circulate around the space. Your office will appear brighter and less closed-off. This tricks the eye into thinking that it’s more spacious than it really is and invokes an airy atmosphere.

Another benefit is the robust aluminium profile, which is strong and rigid enough to support the glass panels without making the partition too thick. Not only is it resistant to corrosion and rust, promising a long service life, but when sealed properly it can also provide heat and sound insulation. If you’d like a soundproof industrial glass partition, be sure to choose acoustic laminated glass and check the dB rating.


Where can you install industrial glass partitions?

Industrial style office partitions work in a variety of spaces, not just the places you might expect to see them in. They’re a practical solution for separating individual offices and meeting rooms from the rest of the workforce without excluding people. They can also separate entryways and reception areas, making a great impression on guests while they wait in your foyer.

This type of glass office partition doesn’t require manifestations, as the frame makes it immediately visible, but you can still use frosting or apply small designs wherever you require more privacy. It’s a good way of dividing a ‘breakout’ space or employee lounge area from the rest of an open-plan floor. If you want to get creative, you can even use different colours for the frames in different areas.

Black metal framing looks good with a range of materials, from concrete and stone to wood-panelled or painted walls. You can install it in commercial settings, such as hotels, restaurants, and shops, or even in domestic buildings. Whether it’s separating a kitchen and living room or shielding a shower from the rest of the bathroom, a metal-framed glass partition will elevate your residence from ordinary to elegant.


Order industrial office partitions from Glass Interiors

If you’re aiming to give your office a makeover and create effective work and leisure zones, then our LOFT glass partitions could be just what you’re looking for. When you order from Glass Interiors, we’re happy to accommodate customisations such as brushed metal or powdered colour finishes, manifestations and graphics, and doors with aluminium or timber frames for your office partitions.

To find out more about our industrial-style glass partitions for offices or to request a quote for your bespoke requirements, please get in touch with us. You can reach the Glass Interiors team on the phone by calling 02037 935 455, or write to us by emailing, and we’ll gladly assist you. Our office is open seven days a week, so why not place your order with us today?