How to install glass partitions

While open floor plans remain dominant in interior design, they often require adjustments to create smaller functional spaces within a larger open room. After all, most offices and homes would prefer to separate working and recreational areas to maintain different levels of privacy and improve productivity.

Whether you’re optimising an office space or modernising your home, you could benefit from glass partitions. These allow you to divide spaces and control noise without having to carry out serious structural alterations, increasing light flow and enabling you to change your layout around as needed.

If you’re considering this versatile partitioning solution for your property, but aren’t sure how the process works, here’s a simple guide to ordering and installing glass partitions.


1) Measuring and planning

Before deciding on the design details, you must plan the layout and measure the areas where you want to install the partitions carefully. This includes accounting for features such as doors, windows, wiring and pipework, and wall fittings – working around switches, sockets, lights, sensors, sprinklers, and heating or ventilation systems.

You also need to keep health and safety regulations in mind, especially if the installation will affect load-bearing elements and may require regulatory approval from the local authority. It’s the building owner’s responsibility to check whether any permissions are required for the planned work and obtain them.

It can help to consult glass partition installation experts who can carry out a site survey for you, helping you to identify potential issues and plan around them to help you design a partition system that works for you.


2) Choosing the design

There are many kinds of glass partition systems to choose from, whether you want a floor-to-ceiling glass wall or a partial divider of a certain height or width. When settling on a design, you should consider the practical and visual aspects – for example, do your glass partitions need to be:

These decisions will affect the function, cost, and amount of time and labour required to install them – especially if you’re choosing partitions with doors and ironmongery details.

Additionally, bigger glass panels that are harder to see may legally require manifestations, such as frosted sections, sticker patterns, or printed graphics, to prevent people from accidentally walking into them.

If you speak with glass partition providers who can offer a start-to-finish service, from survey to installation, you can create a well-informed custom design and receive a bespoke quote for work that meets your specifications.


3) Installing partitions and doors

Once you’re happy with the final design and quote, you can make your payment, and an installation date can be set. It typically takes several weeks to manufacture a bespoke glass partition system, but on the installation day, the team of expert fitters will arrive at your site at the specified time and proceed to:

  • install tracks or channels in the floor/ceiling/walls
  • fit the panels of glass securely into the tracks
  • install appropriate door fittings (if applicable)
  • apply glazing gaskets to seal all panel edges

With little construction work necessary, the disruption should be kept to a minimum, so the project should be completed quickly without having to worry about downtime.

Of course, the installation process will be smoother and faster if you make sure everything is prepared – with the area cleaned up and obstacles removed – so the professionals can get to work fitting your glass partitions for you. At the end of the day, your newly organised space will be ready for you to enjoy!


Speak to the glass partition experts

Successfully installing high-quality glass partition systems requires help from professional suppliers, like Glass Interiors.

When you get in touch with us and go through the steps above with our guidance and attention to detail, you can be confident in receiving an efficient installation service, with secure and fully functional partitions that are stunning to behold.

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