Can glass partitions include glass doors?

Used everywhere from public buildings to homes to offices, glass walls and partitions offer an ideal way to separate large open spaces into smaller ones for different functions, all without sacrificing the quality of light or airy atmosphere.

There are many advantages of glass partitions for interior design and wellbeing, but another benefit of using glass to create different internal areas is that most glass partition systems can include glass doors to make an accessible enclosed space.

Of course, every little detail matters when balancing aesthetics with practicality, which is why there are various types of glass partitions and integrated doors to choose from.

Thinking of installing glass partitions with doors? Here’s a quick guide to your options from the experts at Glass Interiors.


What types of glass partition doors are there?

The type of glass doors that you need to install within your glass partition wall system will depend on the space available and the design of the panels, as you’ll want your door or doors to blend in and be able to open and close fully.

Whether it’s a single glass door or double leaf glass doors, full height or with an overpanel to fill in the space above, we offer a wide selection of toughened glass doors. All of our glass doors at Glass Interiors are available in either 10mm or 12mm thickness, and in custom sizes up to 1.2m wide and 3.6m high.

Our range of glass door styles matches our range of glass partition designs, including:

  • D25 frameless glass doors that sit seamlessly within the frameless partitions
  • D25 framed glass doors with a slim aluminium frame to match the partition frame
  • D25 LOFT framed glass doors with a banded frame to match the Crittall-style partition
  • D90 and SD50 acoustic glass doors for sound reduction up to 28dB38dB
  • TG100 fire-rated glass doors for fire protection and noise reduction up to 42dB57dB

In areas where more visual privacy may be necessary, you can request frosted glass or satin glass to partially or fully obscure some or all of the panels without blocking the light completely.

There is also the option of adding manifestations, such as plain patterns or coloured graphics applied to the glass, which is a health and safety requirement in some cases to make sure the glass walls and doors are easily visible.


Glass door hardware and ironmongery

When installing glass partitions with doors, there is also a wide selection of opening and closing mechanisms, ironmongery, and material finishes. The frames, hinges, and handles all influence functionality and appearance.

For example, we can provide the following systems, with adjustable closing speeds and various functions, such as hold-open, self-close, or soft-close technologies:

  • D25 Clarity Frameless Door – hydraulic patch or side hinges, and pull handles or lever/latch/lock ironmongery
  • D25 Clarity Framed Door – offset patch, hydraulic, or floor spring hinges, and drop-down seal, pull, or lever/latch/lock ironmongery
  • D25 LOFT Clarity Door – free swing or hydraulic hinges, and lever/latch/lock, drop-down seal, or pull handle ironmongery
  • D25 Slide Clarity Door – MANET stainless steel or Trojan track sliding system, and pull handles or soft close technology

Additionally, the frames and ironmongery can be finished in a range of styles, including satin stainless steel, anodised metal, or powder-coated metal in any standard RAL colour.

When selecting the opening and closing technology, ironmongery, and finish, you must consider the practicality of certain types in the available space, including accessibility and maintenance requirements, and the interior design style.


Bespoke glass partitions with doors

Whether you’re designing a new office from scratch or hoping to update an existing space by installing glass partitions with doors, you must carefully consider the right type of partition, door, hardware, and ironmongery.

If you need guidance on the best fit for your specific space, the professionals here at Glass Interiors would be glad to talk you through the options we have available for glass partitions and doors.

For more information about our products and services, take a look around our website or get in touch directly by calling us on 0203 793 5455 – or email an enquiry to and we’ll get back to you.