Where can you install glass partitions?

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Where can you use glass partitions? There are countless uses for glass partitions, from structural glazing and glass balustrades to frameless glass doors and free-standing glass screens. With so many ways to incorporate glass as both a practical and aesthetic element of building design, you may not know where to look for ideas. If you’re

Why choose industrial-style glass office partitions?

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Are industrial-style glass partitions still trendy? No matter which sector your business is part of, having a practical and stylish office design is incredibly important. Your office is the central hub for your organisation – the visual impression matters most for visitors, while its functionality has the most impact on your employees. One of the

What types of glass office partitions are available?

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What types of glass office partitions are there? Thinking about installing glass partitions in the office? Making the decision to invest in glass office partitions is the easiest part, since they have so many benefits. The hard part is deciding which type of glass partition is the best fit for your office. There are many

10 benefits of glass office partitions for your business

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What are the benefits of glass office partitions for your business? Glass office partitions are exactly what their name suggests – non-weight-bearing panels of glass used to divide rooms into smaller sections. They can be found in a range of interior spaces, from homes and higher education to commercial buildings and upscale offices. The versatility