How to install glass partitions

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How to install glass partitions While open floor plans remain dominant in interior design, they often require adjustments to create smaller functional spaces within a larger open room. After all, most offices and homes would prefer to separate working and recreational areas to maintain different levels of privacy and improve productivity. Whether you’re optimising an

Guide to Fire-Rated Glass Partitions

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Guide to Fire-Rated Glass Partitions Glass is a versatile material when used structurally, combining aesthetic appeal with strength and function. However, sometimes standard toughened glass isn’t quite enough to guarantee safety under challenging conditions, such as a fire. For glass to be able to resist flames and maintain safety for longer than regular tempered glass

Are glass partitions sustainable?

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Are glass partitions sustainable? With climate awareness and living costs seeming to be at an all-time high these days, sustainable practices are becoming ever more important in the modern world. The construction industry is a significant source of carbon emissions, making it essential to use environmentally friendly materials and techniques as much as possible when

Open-plan offices vs closed offices – which is better?

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Open-plan offices vs closed offices – which is better? When designers, architects, and contractors work together to set up a new office for a client, one of the biggest choices everyone must agree on is whether to go with an open-plan or closed layout. The debate on which office layout is better carried on for

What does EI60 mean?

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What does EI60 mean? We all know how important fire safety is in construction, but do you know the difference between fire ratings for safety glass? While other significant elements of the building should be able to resist and compartmentalise fires, such as insulation materials in ceilings and wall panels, fire-rated glass can also help