We offer glazing systems to meet design needs for acoustics, fire rating and aesthetics tailored to suit every project

We are a leading glazing provider with over 25 years of hands on experience. Industry knowledge, coupled with high specification products gives us an edge in an increasingly competitive market. We offer both interior and exterior glazing solutions including single and double glazed partitions, fire rated glazing, glass balustrades and structural glazing systems, suitable for any commercial environment. From specification and design all the way through to installation, we deliver a quick and efficient turnaround to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We partner with you to create a more productive and elegant space.


QMS – Made with Care, Finished with Pride

We take great pride not only in the quality, breadth and depth of our product range, but also in the quality of our service and craftsmanship. We know that quality implies consistency, reliability and durability, of product performance and service. Quality means risk reduction. With quality at the heart of all we do, our in-house experts use a robust industry standard quality management system to ensure that each projects delivered to the highest possible standard, on time and within budget from manufacture to installation. Our monitoring procedure and unwavering attention to detail extends to the quality of all our products ensuring that every project is completed with meticulous care. All backed by our internal systems of customer relationship, we take pride in ensuring that we have satisfied customers on every job.

Health & Safety – Peace of Mind

Successful glazing is about so much more than glass. We demand that our products not only look good, but that they function beautifully. We take safety seriously and our operatives are trained and experienced in working to industry standards in health and safety. What’s more, our product range extends this benefit. From design and testing, structural integrity, fire-rating and more, our products always provide you with peace of mind. Choice of materials and careful installation helps to give clients the security that our high quality products, made in the UK provide, knowing that you’re in safe hands.
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