Edge Loft Style Glass Partitions And Doors

Loft Partitions

A loft partition offers any residential and commercial premises a modern and contemporary design, allowing buildings old or new to be used and turned into a space saving, light and airy room, using its full potential.

A large room or floor may require organising in order for it to be an effective work space. However, breaking a room down into smaller components can mean cutting down and breaking up the light source. With glass loft partitions these rooms and living areas can remain open, while still allowing for privacy, personal work spaces and organised offices. Cluttered, small spaces that cut out light and reduce the flow of air, generally stifle productivity, dampen the mind's processes and leave us feeling as muddled as the contents of the room.

Studio flats or apartments can retain the modern desired open plan look, without the need to compromise on personal boundaries. A glass loft partition is a beautiful way to provide a continuity throughout the home that makes use of space and light. In small spaces, this is often achieved by creating the illusion of more room using mirrors. But Glass Interiors loft partitions will prevent you from losing the space you first began with.

Loft partition doors come in a range of designs and finishes that complement the loft Wall Partitions. These doors can be provided to slide or pivot depending on your personal choice. Sliding loft partitions avoid taking away any more of the space provided, therefore giving you unlimited potential for any other designs, decor or furnishings you have in mind. Whereas the pivot loft partitions allow for a never-ending flow of traffic coming in and out of your building, making it the ideal choice for a business or commercial venture.

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System Features
  • Finish
    Toughened & laminate glass 6.4mm to 12mm & Plasterboard finish.
  • Acoustic Rating
    From 30dB ranging to 48dB
  • Frames
    25mm-100mm frames, finished to RAL colour
  • Height
    Up to 3000mm
  • Blinds
    Automatic & manual venetian integral blinds
  • Doors
    Glazed or timber veneer pivot doors