Up to 63dB Acoustic

Slim 30mm Aluminium Profiles

Certified EI30 Fire Rating

Certified EI60 Fire Rating

Full design & specification service available


Fire Rated Slimline Glass Partitions and Doors

The DFR EI30 and EI60 glazed partition system has been meticulously developed in the UK, leading the way in seamless fire rated glazing systems. With just a 30mm deep profile, the DFR is the slimmest partition system on the market, allowing non-fire rated glass partition systems to integrate seemlessly with the aesthetic. The DFR system incorporates fully glazed single and double door sets utilising a slimline aluminium frame to offer up to EI60 performance. Along with the rigorous fire tests at the Warrington Labs, the acoustic performance can achieve up to 63dB. The fire resistance of the construction is ensured by components that are mounted within the profiles. In addition, constructions are equipped with intumescent tapes, which stop the fire from spreading.

System Features

  • FAST PROJECT DELIVERY – We stock all profiles and components needed for each project. All elements are fabricated on-site enabling quick turnaround on tight projects.

  • NEW DIMENSIONS – Seamless DFR glass partitions and door sets can be installed up to 2900 high with a maximum width of 1200mm per door leaf.

  • Speak with our team to discuss full specification and options for your project.