SENTRY Frameless Glass Balustrades


Sometimes, fixing your glass balustrade with a frame can be a hindrance if you're hoping to have the most unobstructed view. No matter whether you plan to put it to use as part of a balcony, staircase, rooftop terrace, or office space, a frameless glass balustrade can do just the trick to help you get the clearest vista.

Our SENTRY Channel Glaze systems can handle line loads from as low as 0.74kN up to 3kN. As all our balustrades use 12mm to 25.5mm toughened and laminated glass, you can be confident that your glass balustrade will offer an uninterrupted view and be resistant of any unfortunate accidents.

All channels are finished to SSS or any RAL colour and can be fixed with stainless steel handrails or halo rails as appropriate, depending on whether you're after a commercial balustrade or something more suitable for a residential environment.

If you would like your glass balustrade to be installed a certain way that can also easily be done, as we offer side and top fixing options. The glass can be recessed into the floor or mounted at the side to maximise its height.

Here at Glass Interiors we take pride in helping our customers choose the right balustrade for their needs. If you have any questions about our SENTRY glass balustrades please don't hesitate to get in contact us using the enquiry form at the side of the page. We'd be delighted to help you choose the best frameless glass balustrade for your needs.

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System Features
  • Glazing
    Toughened & Laminated glass up to 25.5mm
  • Loads
    Line Loads from 0.74Kn to 3Kn
  • Handrails
    Stainless Steel handrails and halo rails
  • Fixing
    Side & top fixing options available
  • Use
    Commercial or residential environments