Frameless Double Glazed Partitions


Using double-glazed partitions in an office space can provide professionalism and privacy for individual offices and meeting spaces, so the user can go about their work without the worry of distractions from busy office noise or visual distractions. Here at Glass Interiors, we supply professional, high quality frameless double-glazed office partitions for companies who are looking for aesthetically pleasing interior design, which also provide useful features in your working environment, so you get more for your money when purchasing glass partitions. Whether you're looking to give a seamless glass finish to your office spaces, privacy for meeting rooms or noise reduction for individual offices, Glass Interiors can help.

Our double glazed frameless glazing has all of the features of our single glazed products, whilst also increasing acoustic performance by up to 52 decibels. What's more, we also supply our double-glazed office partitions with integral venetian blind optional features, which can be either fully automated to suit the time of day, or opened and closed via remote control, so the individual can adjust them at a moment's notice. Made from toughened and acoustic laminate glass, all of our frameless double-glazed partitions come with a slim 23mm channel, which can be made to any RAL colour scheme, SAA or brushed metal finish; we use a dry "I" joint and our partitions can be made to specification in any height up to 3200mm, all dependent on your needs.

If you're looking for professionalism, utility and class in your office space, then frameless double-glazed partitions are perfect, offering a slimline seamless finish throughout your corridors and work areas. Contact us below on our enquiry form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible regarding any questions you may have or regarding any quotes you may want. You've come to the right place for your glazing solutions with Glass Interiors.

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System Features
  • Double Glazed
    Toughened & acoustic laminate glass
  • Acoustic Rating
    From 40dB ranging to 47dB
  • Slim Frame
    Slim 23mm channel finished to any RAL colour
  • I Joint
    Virtually frameless system using a dry 'I' joint
  • Height
    Up to 3200mm
  • Blinds
    Automatic & manual venetian blinds
  • Manifestation
    Manifestation films, designed in-house
  • Doors
    Pivot single, double glazed or timber doors