Frameless Timber & Glass Doors


Almost any commercial space looks better when it's equipped with a frameless glass door. Even having one set of frameless glass doors in your office space can help it look more airy, modern and spacious. That's why we are delighted to offer our customers a selection of frameless glass doors to brighten up your space.

Door Finishes

The finish of any frameless glass door has to match its surroundings. Our partition systems match perfectly with frameless glass doors, along with double glazed doors and other types of door including timber veneer doors. The finishes we can offer include SSS, polished chrome and paint in any RAL colour.


They are small details but the handle and lock on a pair of sliding doors can make a huge difference in their appearance. We can offer an excellent range of pull handles, lever/latch handles and locking options for our doors.

Sliding Glass Doors

When space is restricted, sliding glass doors can be very useful. We can install a manet style system to help doors slide along a stainless steel bar, or a Trojan system fixed to the ceiling, allowing the door to slide along a track.

Glass Pivot Doors

Using hydraulic hinges and patch fittings, we can install glass pivot doors. Glass pivot doors offer the benefit of closing themselves and holding open at 90 degrees, as well as being less intrusive than traditional floor box sliding glass doors.

If we can be of any help when it comes to selecting your frameless glass doors please don't hesitate to leave us a message by using our enquiry form at the right hand side of the page. We'd be very happy to assist you.

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